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Jiu-Jitsu Class
Learn Self-defense and restraint techniques
    There are many self defense seminars for civilians. Many of them teach to deliver “disabling” blows and then run away. As first responders, it’s usually not appropriate to strike someone and run away. You often need to know how to safely restrain someone without anyone getting hurt. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the best core martial art for first responders because it is proven to work. BJJ is an art where technique and timing can safely diffuse size, strength and aggression. The beauty of BJJ is that you can train with high intensity with low likelihood of getting injured.
    Police, fire, and medical personnel are in a unique situation, and training should be appropriate for situations that you will likely find yourself in. We have taught subject control at police academies as well as teaching active officers proper restraining techniques.  We also are former level 1 Trauma Emergency Medicine Physician Assistants and have dealt with out of control patients. Let us help you, help the public and yourselves.

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You get to go out on the town, while your child(ren) gets to have fun.  We will teach them how to properly use Nunchucks. What kid doesn't think that's cool... but even better... these glow in the dark!  
This includes the class, pizza, snacks, fun & games, also they get to keep the nunchucks.

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